The production of semi-rigid PVC film is made in our factory in Busto Arsizio, where there are four operant calendering lines able to ensure the highest standards currently available on the European and world market.

Film for Banner and Pop-Up

Caltek (Mondoplastico Group) produces PET in sheets or rolls for rigid labels, which can be used fo

Pvc & Pet film for packaging

Film designed for packaging and packaging of any edible product..

PVC & PET film for Wine, Spirits & Oil capsules

Film for capsules and top discs..

Cooling towers

PVC film for cooling towers..


PET film for furnitures laminations.

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Food & Packaging




In the Caltek plant, we produce rigid PVC and PET films; since the beginning they have led the company to become a point of reference on the market for its products. Leader in the stretched film industry, both longitudinally and transversely, Caltek is always looking for new improvements to offer its customers a high level of service and the best possible quality. The production of semi-rigid and plasticized PVC films is located at the Mondoplastico plant in Busto Arsizio, where four calendering lines are in operation, and in that of Ferentino, which has two other calendering lines: all of them are capable of guaranteeing the highest quality standards currently available on the European and world market.

Production is managed constantly and always increasing. We are able to produce films of thicknesses between 40 and 750 microns, in different heights; we have also the possibility of delivering in sheets of various sizes, which makes Caltek a company more oriented than ever to customer satisfaction. The cutting to size takes place on specifically dedicated machineries within the same production site, thus allowing a complete direct control until the shipment of the material.


The strength of the service of Caltek and Mondoplastico group is based on continuous research and development, with the production of products specifically designed for customers and the possibility of requesting us against specific color samples, qualitative and quantitative analysis, durability tests.

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