Mondorevive S.p.a supports I Bambini delle Fate ONLUS

Mondorevive S.p.a is proud to have participated in the #ibambinidellefate ONLUS initiative

Mondorevive S.p.a is proud to have participated in the #ibambinidellefate ONLUS initiative.

Thanks to Mondorevive S.p.a and other companies scattered throughout the territory, Spazio Blu has created a very ambitious and at the same time highly social project. Two months after the inauguration, Chiara Cristina Finazzi, the president of the ONLUS association, confirms the announced success having exhausted the 40 places available to support children with autism disorders. Organizations aimed at the public such as Spazio Blu Autismo Varese ONLUS are a great source of pride for the province of Varese. In just over two years of activity, they have already achieved concrete objectives and with ample room for growth. In fact, the association is working on creating a reference platform where a group of experienced professionals in the field of autism spectrum disorder can collaborate with each other and with the relevant public bodies.

Mondorevive S.p.a thanks again Spazio Blu Autismo Varese ONLUS for giving us the opportunity to participate in such an important initiative.

For more information click the LINK below:

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