Caltek has been a respected name for the production of PVC rigid film for over twenty years, with a more recent expansion in the PET world.

Part of the Mondoplastico group, it has absorbed its values and strengths: high quality for our customers, constant research, attention to the environment.

Caltek Today

Caltek has been founded in 1989 immediately imposing itself in the sector of rigid calendered PVC.

With the latest PET extrusion line, Caltek has completed the range of its products offering customers a wide choice to be competitive in the world market in packaging, longitudinal and transversal stretch films and in decoration and lamination.

Location: Via San Mauro 3, Chignolo Po, Pavia

In addition to specific technical certifications, Caltek is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 as the other companies of the group.


A global business coverage

The PVC film produced by Mondoplastico has reached such a level of quality that the company exports over 70% of its production.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Luxembourg, Germany, Estonia, China, Colombia, Mexico, Norway, United States, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Republic of South Africa, Venezuela, Israel, Ukraine, Croatia, Russia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Dubai, Morocco.

Laboratories, research & development

Quality check'

  • Aspect and surface irregularity control
  • Width measurement
  • Thickness measurement
  • Specular gloss measurement
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Opacity measurement
  • Surface tension measurement
  • Hot dimensional stability measurement
  • Color measurement with spectrophotometer
  • Tensile properties measurement
  • Digital printing test with eco solvent inks
  • Screen printing test with solvent and UV inks
  • GC and GC-MS analysis in phthalate free materials

Research and Development

  • New formulation and new raw materials tests with thermal roll mixer
  • Shore A – Shore D
  • Tranparency measurement
  • QUV-A, QUV-B and Xeno accelerated weather tests
  • Composition analysis of ours and competitors materials
  • Quantitative analysis of plasticizer by solvent extraction
  • Qualitative plasticizers analysis with GC
  • Qualitative plasticizers analysis with IR spectrophotometer
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of additives with IR spectrophotometer
  • Analysis of metals with AA spectrophotometer
  • Thermal analysis of polyolefins with DSC


Customer services

Caltek is the technical partner o ering its know-how to clients through a unique assistance in implementing
the right solutions to meet their targets.

The knowledge of our products, and constant study of the reactions under stress of our PVC films makes us an excellent partner for all companies that want to increase their yields in terms of production performance.




Caltek do it different

Our first interest is to live and inhabit in an environment as pleasant as possible and unpolluted, in order to preserve it clean for future generations. Our team is involved in the research of solutions that are always more eco-friendly and in the production of films that are not contrary to the ethics of preserving the environment.


Our products are formulated to be ready today to future certifications. This means that our customers can take advantage of supplies on the cutting-edge, high value technical and qualitative


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