Caltek S.r.l. research and development it never stops. We are constantly experimenting with new materials to make our products more ecological, efficient and ready for the certifications that have yet to come into force.


Caltek PET films positively complete the tests to evaluate the antiviral activity of plastics.

We have ISO 22196: 2011 tested films.
ISO 22196: 2011 Method for evaluating the antibacterial activity of antibacterial treated plastics and other non-porous surfaces of products (including intermediate products).


We improve our environmental performance and our processes by keeping a high quality.

Our entire organization (Mondorevive, Caltek and MondoSD) has a UNI EN ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System; and shares with employees, suppliers and partners respect for the ethical and social values ​​of which our Code of Ethics is the basis.

We have certified our plastic management process for by-products (references art.184bis DLGS 152/06 and UNI 10667 standard) and the management of MPS Secondary Raw Materials (references art.184ter DLGS 152/06 and UNI 10667 standard).

Mondorevive has always been attentive to this issue and obtained its first certification in 1998. Since then, the staff has been committed to continuously improving their system by monitoring non-conformities and implementing management and its own structure.

The certification systems are the result of globally recognized standards. They concern organizational management systems that improve quality in the workplace, to achieve the objectives promised to the end customer.


Caltek walkable PET films have high performance and are certified to be safe.

Caltek has R9 certified PET films according to DIN 51130: 2014

UNI EN ISO 14001

We improve our environmental performance and our processes still keeping high quality standards.

ISO 14001 identifies a technical standard of the International Organization for the standardization of environmental management systems that establishes the requirements of an environmental management system of any organization. All our organization Mondorevive  Group (Mondorevive, Caltek and MondoSD) has a UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 certified Environmental Management System, which means that we have a management system based on continuous improvement, the implementation of an environmental analysis, which represents knowledge of the aspects environmental (emissions, use of resources, etc.) that an organization must effectively manage.


Caltek Srl produces certified and safe PET films, suitable for direct food contact.

Caltek Srl has obtained food suitability according to the European Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 for items in A-PET and G-PET. It applies to all devices made exclusively of plastic and provides for the migration of chemical substances to be evaluated on them following direct contact with simulants capable of reproducing the extractive power of food.


The values and founding principles of Mondorevive are expressed in the Code of Ethics. This allows the strong corporate culture to be shared in an organic way and provides a guide for activities and behaviors.

The adoption of this Code intends to meet the needs and expectations of all internal and external interlocutors within the company.
This Code represents:
• the founding document of Mondorevive ethics, which all recipients sign when starting their collaboration with the Company;
• a tool of fundamental importance for ethical and sustainable business growth.
The Code of Ethics is addressed to: administrators, managerial staff, clerks, workers, as well as to all external collaborators, such as, by way of example only: suppliers, consultants, agents and representatives; for information to public and control bodies.
Compliance with the code is binding for all employees and collaborators, as well as compliance with the rules of the legal system in which they operate (national, supranational or foreign) and the requirements contained in collective agreements.
Those who hold positions of manager or manager must be an example for others, demonstrating that compliance with the Code of Ethics is a fundamental part of our daily work and that business results must never be separated from observance of the principles contained therein.
Mondorevive undertakes to inform all those with whom it enters into business relationships of the existence of the Code, requesting its adoption as a basic requirement for continuing or establishing any form of collaboration.
We are all called to ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics.
Mondorevive complies with local and national laws and other applicable laws, the prevailing sector regulations, other requirements to which the organization adheres. When these laws, regulations or other requirements to which the organization adheres concern the same issue, the provision that is more favorable to workers is applied.

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