We fight Covid19 by your side

We fight Covid19 by your side

The Medical PET film has specific peculiarities that find an important application in the production of high transparency PROTECTIVE VISORS.

Products made with medical PET, such as face protection devices, are used indoors where it is necessary to protect the eye from the most common risks (e.g. drops and blood splashes). It is able to meet high quality standards not only in terms of formulation, being virgin material, but also in processing and packaging. The high transparency and lightness of the film make the product safe and practical, without affecting the normal working habits of those who are using them. The PET film complies with the REACH regulation and can also be used in the food sector as it is suitable for contact with food. The material is 100% recyclable.

Mondorevive S.p.a offers antibacterial and antiviral PVC films that create bacteria-free environments with a low viral load. Their effectiveness has been validated by an ISO accredited laboratory in accordance with the international standard ISO 21702: 2019 and ISO 22196: 2011 which specify methods for assessing bacterial and antiviral activity on treated plastics and high non-porous surfaces.

Mondorevive Spa antibacterial PVC films have been designed and developed to reduce the presence of bacteria by 99.9% in combination with good hygiene and cleaning practice of antibacterial activity (R)%> 99.9 according to ISO 22196: 2011.

Mondorevive S.p.a. celebrates its 70th anniversary

Mondorevive S.p.a. celebrates its 70th anniversary

“March 7, 1949 – March 7, 2019”

Mondorevive S.p.a. celebrates its 70th anniversary, this is a milestone for us that confirms its strong stability, constant quality and continuous development over the decades. We thank all those who, from the beginning until today, have actively contributed to making this company a success.

For the next 70 years – and beyond.

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Mondoplastico è da oltre sessant’anni un punto di riferimento nella produzione e commercializzazione di film calandrati in PVC e PET. Quello che ci distingue dagli altri è ciò in cui crediamo: alta qualità per i nostri clienti, ricerca costante, attenzione all’ambiente.

Mondorevive S.p.a supports I Bambini delle Fate ONLUS

Mondorevive S.p.a is proud to have participated in the #ibambinidellefate ONLUS initiative

Mondorevive S.p.a is proud to have participated in the #ibambinidellefate ONLUS initiative.

Thanks to Mondorevive S.p.a and other companies scattered throughout the territory, Spazio Blu has created a very ambitious and at the same time highly social project. Two months after the inauguration, Chiara Cristina Finazzi, the president of the ONLUS association, confirms the announced success having exhausted the 40 places available to support children with autism disorders. Organizations aimed at the public such as Spazio Blu Autismo Varese ONLUS are a great source of pride for the province of Varese. In just over two years of activity, they have already achieved concrete objectives and with ample room for growth. In fact, the association is working on creating a reference platform where a group of experienced professionals in the field of autism spectrum disorder can collaborate with each other and with the relevant public bodies.

Mondorevive S.p.a thanks again Spazio Blu Autismo Varese ONLUS for giving us the opportunity to participate in such an important initiative.

For more information click the LINK below:

Visit the SITE https://www.ibambinidellefate.it/spazio-blu-varese/

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Mondorevive S.p.a supports the FAI Italian Environment Fund

Mondorevive S.p.a supports the FAI Italian Environment Fund

This year Mondorevive S.p.A. supports the FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano by joining the Corporate Golden Donor membership program.

Mondorevive S.p.a wishes to carry out a major project as well as an ambitious cultural challenge with the FAI.


In detail, the “Mondorevive supports FAI” project is dedicated to protecting the national territory so as to make Italy a more beautiful place to live, work and raise our children.

The landscape and cultural heritage, which the FAI safeguards and promotes, in fact represents a unique capital in the world.

FAI believes that this is the fundamental resource on which to invest in order to revive, develop and enhance our wonderful country.


Thanks to the support of its many members, both private citizens and companies, on the other hand, the FAI has been protecting and managing 61 assets throughout the country for over 40 years.

Important historical, artistic and landscape settlements saved from neglect, restored, protected and open to the public.

Every day the FAI undertakes to protect and make accessible to all the splendid jewels of art, nature and culture scattered in the countryside, in the cities and on the coasts of our country;

Mondorevive S.p.a supports the FAI to educate and sensitize the community to knowledge, respect and care for art and nature and to act as a spokesperson for the demands of civil society by actively monitoring and intervening in the area.

With FAI, we want a more protected and more beautiful Italy.

Unforgettable landscapes.
These are the places that the FAI takes care of every day.

You will be amazed and excited in front of the spectacle offered by the historical, artistic and natural heritage of our country.

Places whose beauty the FAI protects and whose soul and history is committed to telling with rigor and passion, so that you can discover them and spend unforgettable moments with those you love.

Places that will remain in your heart and where you will want to return and return …

Follow art, follow nature, follow beauty … and you will find FAI assets